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The total net sales from pictures in this particular gallery are donated to various charities. Please see the descriptions of individual pictures for details. The charities include: 1) Eagle Aid - where those displaced by violence and made refugees in their own or in a foreign land are their special concern, especially the old and the infirm, and the very young. 2) Angels IDs - who provide Medic Alert IDs to newly diagnosed Diabetic children and teens. 3) The Bladder and Bowel Foundation - which provides support, help and advice for thousands of sufferers who are affected by bladder control problems. 4) The Hong Kong Cancer Fund - which provides free information and professional support to anyone living with or affected by cancer, ensuring no one faces cancer alone. 5) UK National Kidney Federation 6) The Queensland Flood Relief appeal 7) Operation Oscar helping rescue neglected dogs 8) The Red Cross Japan Sunami Appeal 9) Those affected by the Pukkelpop Disaster in Belgium, August 2011 10) The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal 2011 Please contact me for other charity suggestions.

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